woe is me.

nothing but self pity on my part since yesterday.
not sure what the deal is but ever since I was told no more sleeping on my back, I haven't been able to find a comfortable position in bed. Actually no, I do have one position and that is sitting straight up propped up by 5 pillows.
you can give me some suggestions but I've tried everything.
I cannot imagine how this is going to be when I get bigger.
I'm hearing the violins now.
I feel like all I do is complain now.
There is one satisfaction though, something that makes not sleeping, aching back and hips worth it.
I feel him.
Not just flutters anymore.
Like now, as I type, it feels as though he's rolling around. Maybe trying to find a comfy position himself.
It's weird.
But it also makes me more happy than I've even been.
I stop everything when I feel him.
I place my hand over my tummy and talk to him.
"what's up mr?" "how's my fella doin?" "I can't wait to meet you."

And again, I do apologize if you're tired of all the baby updates and you're either not really interested or still trying yourself. I'm using my blog as my baby journal so to speak since I don't have the energy to actually journal in the moleskin I purchased for this specific 9 months. I suppose change is already happening here. It's not just a girl who works in an office and has a great man in her life. A girl who chose to live simply and who's social life consists of solo friday night scrap sessions and sleepovers with niece. A girl who loves her pup and misses her old bear. A girl who likes to shop...well, a girl who still likes to shop except that's it's now at Baby Gap.
This girl is changing.
This girl is becoming a mother.