q&a part one.

Sara asks....
1. How did you get on the design team for Studio Calico? They approach you or vice versa?

The first year Studio Calico started, they held a design team call. I had just started subbing and was highly impressed with the kit. I was new to the kit scene and tried a handful of kit companies with a ton of disappointment. I was subbing to another kit club at the time who was also holding a dt call. I thought, what the heck...let's go for it. I absolutely had no expectations with getting on SC's dt because of the designers they already had but tried anyway. To be perfectly honest, I thought I had a better shot of getting on the other kit club's dt before SC's.
A few weeks later, I get an email from April to call her. I was at work at the time. I remember picking up the phone right away and a very southern accent giving me a cheery hello. I was told I was chosen to be on the dt. My heart leaped out of my chest. I popped out of my office and told the first person I saw which was our old reception. She had no clue as to why I was so excited but I didn't care, I had to tell some one!
I've been lucky enough to be on the dt ever since that day and let me tell, I still am surprised each year when I'm asked back. SC has been a dream to work for.
(I'm trying to locate a photo of my the layouts I submitted but you can see some of my early work in the 2007 gallery to your left)

2. What would be your #1 Alaska destination for an outdoorsy visitor?

hhmm...there really isn't just one thing I would choose. There is SO MUCH to do for an outdoorsy type of visitor. A lot of people like to hike Flattop which isn't too far from where I live. It's really beautiful up there and you can see the whole city of Anchorage from the top.
Alaska is really an outdoorsman's dream, or playground if you will. As much as I complain about the weather, it's extremely beautiful up here. I love being surrounded by mountains. I would recommend taking a drive down the Seward Highway and stopping in Kenai, Seward and if you're up for the long haul...Homer. I've lived here for about 20 years and I'm still in awe of how beautiful that drive is.

Charlane asks....
indulge me and tell me your most magical thought.

I have to say it's the thought of having the gift I've prayed for during the upcoming Christmas holiday. I've been imagining holding my baby boy next to the Christmas tree while the fires going and it brings tears to my eyes. Even writing this makes my eyes swell. The holidays were getting so hard for us these past few years, not only with the whole struggle but you tend to miss people that are no longer in your lives. This Christmas is going to be a magical one and I can't wait to share the day with our new son.  

Jill asks....
I've always wondered about your creative process. How long does it take you to complete a page? When do you know that you're "done"? Do you ever second guess yourself? Do you ever "plan" or are you more of a riff-on-the-moment kind of girl?


My creative process starts with a clean scrap room, printed photos and a new SC kit. Because I get new product every month, I tend to be a "new product" scrapper and have gotten horrible about using up older product unless it's absolutely something I love. I find that doing Dares makes me use up other product or try new things like digital kits.
As far as planning goes, there maybe some ideas I have but they don't always work so I go for a more of the "riff-on-the-moment" type of scrapping. I find that suites my style more.
It can usually get a few layouts done on a Friday night (granted I've had a nap after work). Doesn't mean they're complete though. Sometimes I get about 3/4 done but leave it for a couple days to see if it needs more or less. I do this a lot when it's just not flowing. Sometimes it's like that layout was meant to be.
I always second guess myself, especially with SC layouts. I want always push myself for each gallery but that tends to backfire. There are a lot of layouts I loathe after the gallery goes up, some I re-work, some I put away never to be seen again. :)

Miss Rayevich asks...
1. do you guys have a name yet for baby? you don't have to tell, just wondering=) 2. how many cameras do you own? which is your ALL time fav?? and which one do you like to pack around for everyday shots?? 3.what's your fav scrap supply? 4. if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? 5. what's your fav thing about Alaska?

1. Yes and no. We have a few but are waiting until the baby is born for a final decision. We're leaning towards Tyler or Taylor. Those are our faves.
2. I own quite a few cameras but the ones that work are the Rebel XTi, Canon 5D (my fave) and a little Canon pocket digital. I have a few film cameras that I've played with but my favorite is the Polaroid Land. Everyday shots is usually taken with either my iPhone or 5D.
3, Right now it's cream cardstock, & paint.
4. Somewhere tropical, I really want to go swimming outdoors and walk in warm sand.
5. Just the overall laid back vibe of Anchorage.

I'll answer the rest tomorrow and hopefully get photos up of my scraproom.