...done a little different this midweek.

currently checking out blogs via google reader.

currently polishing off a banana and chugging it down with water. hello healthy eating and baby steps to losing weight. my trick is to chug water anytime i want something sweet which is my major weakness. so far it's working. i plan to reward myself friday with a white chocolate mocha.

currently annoyed at a certain person who always seems to bring that out in me.

currently looking for a long skirt. yes, i'm jumping on the long skirt trend.

currently excited for my hair appointment tomorrow! seriously looking like the it although i'm pretty impressed at my loosely pinned up side bun that I spent 20 mins doing this morning.

currently listening to Cake and loving it.

currently loving that it's staying lighter out in the late afternoons. can't wait for that midnight sun.

currently reading texts from my husband who informed me of a poopy diaper change.

currently finishing up a few tasks at work before heading out the door.

currently wondering what to do for st patty's day.

currently not happy this is a photoless post. oh well.

what are you currently up to today?