feeling a bit uninspired at the moment.

When you live for shooting in natural daylight and you reside in a state where it's pretty sparse several months out of the year,  it kind of puts a damper on ones mood. Every time I try to take a photo, it's too dark or too yellow. And with all the lovely December Dailies out there, it's been hard to be fully inspired to go forth with the project when you dislike everything you upload from your camera. Thank goodness for my Iphone and Instagram app. Seriously.I'm not giving up though. Just waiting for that aha moment. I'm sure it'll come soon. :) Some examples of unispired photos: Failed photobooth attempt at Tyler's first birthday party. In hindsight, I should have started at the beginning of the party. I also should have placed the backdrop in a different location and I needed to be back farther. All things I've noted for the next round. My undecorate tree. Partly because I know Tyler will tear down any decor I put up and I'm afraid he'll break the glass balls. I'm in the process of fringing up some felt for the garland. I want a simple tree this year. For now, star shaped bokeh will have to do.

Let's go Monday! (this is my attempt to be positive this morning. not working so much) xot.