recycle it rad

I have a hard time throwing out pretty mailings, especially when it's printed on recycled, non-shiny paper. It's great to print, write and stamp on. I sometimes use an envelope template to make custom envies when mailing out letters and cards. I wasn't sure how screen printing would work on these pages but I wanted to experiment with making some custom packaging for the new stamps in my shop. I spent a sunny afternoon in the garage printing away and I loved how they came out, some pretty enough to frame. Most went to packaging though. I hope my customers appreciate the pretty wrapping. :) I was going to cut the pages to create a custom envelope but thought maybe the receiver would like to hang the print themselves so I folded and taped with some washi. It's all a labor of love.

 random side notes: I'm seriously into yellow right now. Also have adopted the word "rad" from my friend Jamaica. Lastly, Make Something Today print on Kraft will be making a permanent departure from the shop this week. Get it while you can. I'm making room for the next limited print.