It's been a week of accomplishments here and I'm soooo glad I was able to get my shop items up for you all before the weekend. I had been debating on what prints to include and if I wanted to put a "kit" together or not. I decided on the latter....there's already so many great kits out there. I wanted to take a different approach. As you can see, it's all pretty neutral...I love working with kraft and chipboard. I'm also offering prints on acetate that is almost like vellum.  It's sturdier and just plain rad.

One reservation I had about continuing to offer mini screen prints which are designed to fill the pockets of page protectors is the competition I face with digitally produced scrapbook paper. I've spotted the ampersand here and there which is fine. This isn't going to turn into one those who did what first type of posts. We're all inspired by one form of work or another, no? Truth be told, my first ampersand that didn't bleed off the sides was inspire by the work of Ugmonk. I wanted to update it after a few runs and came across an large ampersand that was cut off the sides via Pinterest. I'm semi obsessed with repeat patterns + designs that bleed off. You'll notice that vibe throughout my prints and rubber-stamps.

Getting back to the subject, I decided to push forward and not lose sight of why I started screen printing and that was to provide something unique + handmade to other scrapbookers. There's a special quality to screen printed paper. It's kind of magical to see a design come to life after it's burned onto a silk screen and printed on paper....all by hand. I get such pleasure in seeing my prints and stamps being used in your projects. Seriously, it's an honor.

Hope you all have a great crafty holiday weekend! I've got a new SC kit waiting for me. Yes, I will be spending my Friday night with paper + possibly Dexter or Magic Mike...hmmm.... XOT



It's been fun spotting my prints and stamps all over Instagram + blogs. I love seeing them go out the door to new homes but seeing them put into action makes what I do that much more awesome. Amy Tan's CHA 2012 booth-

Seriously, having my print in Amy Tan's booth was so cool. I was like a proud parent. :) Only wish I could have seen it in person. (this photo is from Amy's Instagram)

Vee's Project Life

Vee continues to amaze me with her project life. I can see her personality all contained in little plastic pockets. I had commented on her blog that I envied her ability to not only keep up PL but to do it in the most artful way. I love how she incorporated the mini prints into her current week. I'm so honored to be a part of her documentation of life.

Thank you all for you amazing support. I've got a lot of new things on the horizon and I cannot wait to show you.

Have a wonderful weekend. xot

Life.Love.paper shop update

Happy Friday everyone! I just completed a small shop update this afternoon. My new MAKE stamp is now available. You'll receive a free screen printed MAKE tag (shown in the photo below) with the purchase of a MAKE stamp through the end of July. I've also put up some pretty sweet sample bags too.

More items will be added next week. Have a great weekend. xot

deadlines shmeadlines

I've been buried under deadlines and projects this week but was able to kick it in high gear and get sh*t done. Feels good. I managed 4 layouts in 48 hours and felt pretty good about them. 3 of which will be in the Studio Calico booth next week. I'll post those soon. Loving the new lines...have you seen the preview? I'm pretty excited to see some of my photography featured in the new Handbook inserts.

Also had the pleasure of doing some custom packaging for Kelly Purkey's new shop launch. I love the geotag stamp she's created. Doing a repeating pattern of geotags and her familiar signature was my inspiration for the screen printed kraft bags and tags. Please contact me at if you are interested in some custom work for yourself or your shop. I love collaborating!

Getting the ol' blog updated is still on my to do list. Now that I've got some of the deadlines tackled, I should be able to get this mess under control.

Happy Friday! xot

recycle it rad

I have a hard time throwing out pretty mailings, especially when it's printed on recycled, non-shiny paper. It's great to print, write and stamp on. I sometimes use an envelope template to make custom envies when mailing out letters and cards. I wasn't sure how screen printing would work on these pages but I wanted to experiment with making some custom packaging for the new stamps in my shop. I spent a sunny afternoon in the garage printing away and I loved how they came out, some pretty enough to frame. Most went to packaging though. I hope my customers appreciate the pretty wrapping. :) I was going to cut the pages to create a custom envelope but thought maybe the receiver would like to hang the print themselves so I folded and taped with some washi. It's all a labor of love.

 random side notes: I'm seriously into yellow right now. Also have adopted the word "rad" from my friend Jamaica. Lastly, Make Something Today print on Kraft will be making a permanent departure from the shop this week. Get it while you can. I'm making room for the next limited print.

Washi Workshop Giveaway

Yes, another post about Washi tape and how much I love it so. Funny thing is I probably photograph it as much as I use it. I'm not sure if it's the precise circles, the vast array of colors and patterns or just that they're so pretty to look at (all of the above really) but I love photographing and admiring my collection. It's strange, I know this. But I ask you to try it because it's fun and it's your collection. You know you admire it from a distance when it's not in use. Go ahead. Set up a little photo shoot and snap your washi collection. I'd love to see! Post your photos here, please? So I don't feel so abnormal? :) It is not a requirement for the giveaway though. Yes, a giveaway and a blog hop so after you post here for your chance to win a spot in Studio Calico's Washi Workshop class hosted by Creating Keepsakes Editor, Megan Hoeppner, be sure to hop to the list below to better your chances!

Maggie Holmes Sasha Farina Creating Keepsakes Studio Calico 

Good Luck!

A few more Washi photo ideas.

Seriously, I'm kidding about the teething toy. ;)

 ( print in the shop today!)