Valley High

Studio Calico's July kit, Valley High is now available for your making pleasure. They have worked diligently to provide more inventory on all kits and add ons including the Project Life kits. I know those are a hot commodity. :) Studio Calico is now offering $5 off to all NEW SUBSCRIBERS. This deal is good now through June 30th. Use codes:


Just sayin.

LifeLovePaper designs are sprinkled throughout most of the kits and add ons this month. My fave is the Let's Do This 3x4 card in the Valley High PL kit. It's also available as a wall print in my Society 6 shop.

Here are my gallery layouts.....

Kind of obsessed with this Hello graffiti paper above. Also new this month... patterned papers in 4x6 pads, wood veneer calendar cards and Tayler journal cards.


I should be back next week in full swing with blogging and printing. Hoping to reveal my new screen prints by mid July. So excited.

Happy Friday! xot




Hey guys! In case you missed the newsletter, the Life.Love.Paper shop is now open. I have very few stamps left but I'm reordering today so they'll be ready to ship next week! I'll  be adding some new prints and photography next week as well. :)

I also gave my new subscribers a sweet deal and now I'm passing it off to you! Just enter HELLOFALL and received 10% off your order with a $10 purchase. This deal is only good through August 31st!


Life.Love.paper shop update

Happy Friday everyone! I just completed a small shop update this afternoon. My new MAKE stamp is now available. You'll receive a free screen printed MAKE tag (shown in the photo below) with the purchase of a MAKE stamp through the end of July. I've also put up some pretty sweet sample bags too.

More items will be added next week. Have a great weekend. xot

I don't know what's worse.
The neighbor who mows his lawn at 11 p.m. or the one who snowblows their driveway at 6 am.
I knew it was snowing but we couldn't have gotten more than an inch.
Why this guy felt the need to snowblow that early is beyond me and extremely inconsiderate.
45 minutes before my alarm goes off, I'm awaken by the sound of a loud motor and the scraping of a shovel.
I ponder going back to sleep or just waking up.
I can't go back to sleep.
I lie there, my mind flooded with so many thoughts.
Thoughts that have been pestering me for the past few weeks.
Thoughts that I care not to discuss here.
Let's just say they involve finances, current career as desk jockey, following a dream and a shopping list.
All I know for sure is that I need to be proactive in every aspect of life right now.
That's truly the only way I'm going to accomplish anything.
Truthfully, I always expected for things to work itself out, for situations to just fall into place.
Is that me being laid back or just pure laziness?
I dunno.
One thing that I do know...the thing that is more solid than anything right now is that I love being a mom to a happy, cute, snuggly baby.
He's my light.
Cheesy, I know but I have no other way to explain it.
I rush home, wash my hands, get out of my work clothes, grab my guy and hug him as tightly as I can.
He hugs back and nestles his head in my nook.
I drink in his sweet baby smell and am overcome with relief and happiness.
He hasn't forgotten me.
That was my fear when I went back to work.
But we've established our bond and it's as tight as my skinny jeans. Even more so.
He's my guy.
He's my heart.

Mommyhood collage