It's been a week of accomplishments here and I'm soooo glad I was able to get my shop items up for you all before the weekend. I had been debating on what prints to include and if I wanted to put a "kit" together or not. I decided on the latter....there's already so many great kits out there. I wanted to take a different approach. As you can see, it's all pretty neutral...I love working with kraft and chipboard. I'm also offering prints on acetate that is almost like vellum.  It's sturdier and just plain rad.

One reservation I had about continuing to offer mini screen prints which are designed to fill the pockets of page protectors is the competition I face with digitally produced scrapbook paper. I've spotted the ampersand here and there which is fine. This isn't going to turn into one those who did what first type of posts. We're all inspired by one form of work or another, no? Truth be told, my first ampersand that didn't bleed off the sides was inspire by the work of Ugmonk. I wanted to update it after a few runs and came across an large ampersand that was cut off the sides via Pinterest. I'm semi obsessed with repeat patterns + designs that bleed off. You'll notice that vibe throughout my prints and rubber-stamps.

Getting back to the subject, I decided to push forward and not lose sight of why I started screen printing and that was to provide something unique + handmade to other scrapbookers. There's a special quality to screen printed paper. It's kind of magical to see a design come to life after it's burned onto a silk screen and printed on paper....all by hand. I get such pleasure in seeing my prints and stamps being used in your projects. Seriously, it's an honor.

Hope you all have a great crafty holiday weekend! I've got a new SC kit waiting for me. Yes, I will be spending my Friday night with paper + possibly Dexter or Magic Mike...hmmm.... XOT


currents: december edition


time: 11.08pm location: in bed weather: getting colder, snow is in the forecast. ( we had some nasty wind and rain this past weekend. looks ugly out now) watching: Top Chef (not really into it this year but there's nothing else on) loving: white twinkle lights (I should say obsessed) thinking: about how awesome I am for getting the majority of my Christmas shopping done early and online. wondering: if the dress I ordered will show up in time for next weeks office party. (MYHABIT is addicting) enjoying: this quiet time by myself. (I love my boy and my mans but I've really grown to appreciate the little time I get to myself.) drinking: water eating: nothing. (tummy is a little upset from the pulled pork. I over did it but it was so tasty!)

I was going to explain why I love this quote so much but I'm getting a good way and in a sad way. The good? Knowing that vacancy in my heart is now occupied with kisses and full belly laughs and the tightest hugs from my baby boy. The way he wraps his arms around my neck makes me week in the knees. The sad? Knowing this will be the first Christmas since my Grandmothers passing this fall. I pray that my family, mostly my Grandfather will be able to cope with her absence. This was her time to shine with the numerous recipes under her belt  apron that made so many people happy. I miss her Divinity...that stuff was so sweet and fluffy. I see it at the grocery store but I know it doesn't come near what my Grandma made. I've been doing what I can in her honor. Like bake Tyler's first birthday cake from scratch. No way I would buy a cake. She would be so dissappointed. I wore one of her vintage aprons while I mixed and frosted. She's here with me, I know it. I feel her, I can still smell her distinct smell, I hear her voice in my head like she were in the other room. "Tina!" in that thick Georgian accent. It's strange and comforting at the same time. Leave it to the Holidays to bring out this range of emotions. You miss loved ones who are gone. You find happiness in the loved one who are here. You reconnect with friends. Your heart feels lighter but heavy too. Christmas is so much more than decorations and presents. It's certainly a state of mind. Hmph. Guess I ended up explaining myself after all. :) xot.

p.s. the "currents" method of journaling is a quick and easy way to add to your December Daily. Give it a try, especially great on days when your mind is buzzing with all the holiday to dos.