It's been fun spotting my prints and stamps all over Instagram + blogs. I love seeing them go out the door to new homes but seeing them put into action makes what I do that much more awesome. Amy Tan's CHA 2012 booth-

Seriously, having my print in Amy Tan's booth was so cool. I was like a proud parent. :) Only wish I could have seen it in person. (this photo is from Amy's Instagram)

Vee's Project Life

Vee continues to amaze me with her project life. I can see her personality all contained in little plastic pockets. I had commented on her blog that I envied her ability to not only keep up PL but to do it in the most artful way. I love how she incorporated the mini prints into her current week. I'm so honored to be a part of her documentation of life.

Thank you all for you amazing support. I've got a lot of new things on the horizon and I cannot wait to show you.

Have a wonderful weekend. xot