Silver Salmon Fishing

Dad and I set out on a little fishing adventure this week. We took the boat down to Deshka River which is about a 2 hour drive from Anchorage. The day started out on the gloomy/rainy side but the sun peeked out and made for a great day of fishing. I had a great time on the river. It was so peaceful. The repetitive motion of casting and reeling is quite a calming effect on the mind. Then you get a bite and the fun part begins. It was a trip to actually see all the salmon swimming up stream. All in all, it was a great trip having caught 1 Silver and 2 Pinks which we threw back. Apparently Pinks aren't a great fish to eat so those guys were lucky. The Silver, not so much. Dad caught 3 himself but they came home with me. :) Guess what we'll be having for dinner tonight?