Tyler's new attitude aka the haircut.

Tyler's hair has been a bit of a hassle as of late. I had taken it apon myself to trim it up a few times throughout the year. I liked having it longer....I thought it differed him from the other little boys plus he simply looked cute. But with the many times I cut it, it started to look shabby. My intention was to find a place to have it trimmed but it never panned out. Well, it's gone now.

Jeff decided to  put the clippers to his head on an unusually hot day here in Alaska. I cannot believe how sad I was too see his pretty tendrils fall to the ground. I hated it at first, still not really use to it. Doesn't look like my sweet little Tyler anymore. I dramatically told Jeff that he cut away his innocence.

He looks at least a year older now and I swear his mentality has changed since that last little bit of hair fell to the ground. Laugh all you want but his inner, inner wild child has emerged. I seem to be dealing with a lot more "no's" and yelling and the glares, oh the glares. What the hell?? This isn't my child I think to myself.

I know this is (for the most part) normal toddler behavior. Please tell me this is normal toddler behavior??

Jeff and I share an inside joke about this whole situation which I think is important when raising a toddler. You've got to be able to see the humor in these things because if you don't, it'll make drive you mental. We now blame all Tyler's mishaps on "the haircut".


Tyler after repeatedly telling him to not use his bubble gun in the house, is making a mess on the floor. I calmly get down to his level and sternly say that if he pulls that trigger one more time, I'm taking it away. Tyler looks me right in my eye and slowly pulls the trigger to the bubble gun.

WHAT IS THAT???  The haircut.

In his defense, this happens more in the evening during his melt down time. You toddler parents are probably like "oh, that's the reason".

Still. These changes that seem to happen with a blink of an eye are sometimes daunting. I just hope we're handling it as best we can. We still laugh and play more than anything so that's a good thing. But I've got to get a time out system in place. I'd love to hear your tips on disciplining a toddler.