shop update!

I just put up some leftover screen prints in the shop. Quantities are limited!

There is also some new digital artwork available. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to add a bold statement to your walls, this is it. And there's more to come! These files are sized and ready to take to your local print and copy shop. I will provide more directions with the files but you're basically going to get a huge black & white print for a couple of bucks if not less!

You'll ask for your file to be printed as an engineer print. These are large format printers that only print black and white copies. These prints come out a bit weathered and vintagy. I love the look.

Yes, this is the same manor in which I print my photograph b&w posters that are currently in the shop. You may be wondering why I'm selling them for $30 when you can have a file printed for next to nothing. Well my friends, I'm selling the photograph and artwork, not the paper in which it was printed on. I know this has been a long time issue with photographers. I've dealt with this many a times when I would take on sessions.

I see so many great pieces of art out there and it's gotten so affordable! Every once in awhile I'll splurge and buy something not only for me but for the artist/maker. Gotta support when and where we can, right? But because I don't have the income to fill my home with such treasures, I decided to create something big, bold and graphic and most importantly, inexpensive.

I spent a total of $28 on this framed print. The most expensive part was the frame itself. The print? $3 at my local FedEx Kinkos. There's also a variety of ways to hang the prints for a lot less than the cost of a frame. All those rolls of washi tape. Some pretty wood thumbtacks from the Target dollar spot. I also love this tutorial on how to apply a print directly onto a blank canvas. Genius!