toddler tuesday//follow up on the "haircut"

I gained a lot of knowledge over the next several days following my last post about Tyler's behavior. The overall consensus was to be consistent which makes complete sense. We're already consistent with his schedule which he thrives off of. We've followed the same bedtime routine since he was about 3 months and with the exception of a few days here and there, he's always slept well through the night. We stayed consistent with reading books and working on our words which has helped his speech tremendously. It only makes sense to follow suit when it comes to disciplining.

I think Vanessa said it best with her comment....

"Here’s my advice : whatever you say you will do as a consequence, YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THROUGH. If you don’t take away the bubble gun after you said you would, you’re a goner!"

Jeff and I knew this from watching Super Nanny and were oblivious to the fact that we were not actually following through on this gem of kiddo advice. We just wanted to resolve the issue without a tantrum which meant just giving in. And so the toddler monster was created. Luckily we weren't in too deep. After a few days of being consistent, I've seen a big improvement. The crying after a certain item is taken away doesn't last long and it's done afterwards.

I also wanted to touch on the subject of disciplining myself as a parent to a toddler.

I will be the first to admit that I value the control I have/had in my life A LOT. It's an issue but I've learned that I cannot control Tyler. That's not how parenting works. He's a whole separate being with a mind and heart of his own. I have to let him be a kid and except that he's learning EVERYTHING. He's 2 1/2, not 30. He's doesn't know unless we teach him. We have to learn to pick out battles with him as well. I want to be consistent with disciplining but I also don't want to be overbearing with constant "No's!". He's not a bad of a kid and I need to give him more credit.

Hoping this helps a little for those who are new to parenting a toddler. Positive feedback helps a lot and knowing that we're not going out of my minds. I also wonder WWSD as in what would Stephanie do as I see her as supermom having double the trouble with her cutie tots, Lucy and Cate not to mention her 2 other girls. And here I am complaining about 1 crazy lovable cub. Sigh.