girl looooooooves friday.

This has already been the best weekend so far.I took a personal day off just because. The clouds finally cleared and the weather is amazing. The boy and I set out early to visit my coworkers and see where mommy spends part of her day. Then headed downtown to purchase some Toms for Tyler's fat little baby feet. Mommy also found the maxi dress she's been wanting. Met up with Tyler's cousin and Auntie for the most delicious chicken saugage hot dog. The sun felt so good while we sat outside and enjoyed our lunch. New opportunities and a huge life change is in the horizon. More on that later. No, I'm not pregnant again...let's not go there. ;) I'm excited about celebrating my first Mother's Day with my son and husband. It's funny...I'm more excited about this than my past birthday. AND tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day! Could not ask for a better weekend and it's only just begun.

Paislee Press is having an awesome sale and a new release that I'm loving at the moment.

Studio Calico is hosting a plethora of challenges and give aways. I'd love for you to play along with my paint challenge!

Cheers to a wonderful weekend! xot.