girl loves friday

Happiness today? Let's see. First, it's Friday. Gotta love that. Second, the sun is out and it's suppose to be like this all weekend. Third, I bought the first round of plants and I'm ready to get my hands dirty ( a Memorial Day tradition) Forth, New Paislee Press Press Plate in the shop. It'll be 20% off through the weekend. Better yet, it's free to Paislee Press Facebook fans.

Fifth, I just picked up a new Canon Selphy printer at a garage sale for $25. Couldn't pass that up.

Sixth, LifeLovePaper is having a sale too! All stamps are 10% off starting tomorrow through Monday (ends at midnight) coupon code is MAY2013. starts tomorrow 12pm eastern.

AND I've got several NEW digital releases that'll be in the shop tomorrow as well. Pretty excited about these.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! xot


New paislee press!

Paislee Press From Where I Stand. Such a cool kit. Perfectly suited for my series of "from where I stand" shots I took while I was in Portland. The one above is my favorite and was taken in a comic book shop. Lot's of cool local zines and inspiring art.

There are also journal cards that match the kit...FREE with the kit purchase until 5/19. I'm in the process of printing them now so I can work on my PL. I'm  not caught up quite yet but there's no stress at all. It's been a fun process so far. And it may seem like this PL in which I speak of doesn't exists since I hardly show it but it does. That was another "thing" I wanted to shake off and that was the stress of having blog/gallery worthy pages. It helps move me along. That and the ease of using these digital kits.

Hope your weekends are full of good stuff. Happy Friday. xot


It's 6:30 am on Sunday morning. What? Who gets up this early on Sunday? Well my husband for one. He's been working Sundays for several years now which at times sucks but hey, it's life and he's keeping it real. Love that man. So when I heard him getting ready, I thought I would wake up myself to get some things done before the other guy got up who is by the way, POOPED from last night birthday festivities. I sometimes find myself out of place in social settings. Tyler forces me out of my comfort zone so now when we're invited to numerous kid's birthday parties, I of course go. Mainly for him and cake but mostly for him. As he zips through every square inch of my friend's home and makes new friends, I'm left to converse with the other mommies. Oh the exciting things we talk about as moms. We had a thorough discussion on whose kid napped the least that day. Tyler always gets the "omg, how old is he? he's huge!". I really enjoyed myself though, even after a couple of meltdowns. What's nice about being with other moms of young kids is that they get the "meltdown".  I just look at the other moms and we shrug and smile in unison as we try to calm our kids down from whatever has gotten them upset.

Lot's of new things on the horizon. I know I say that a lot, probably prematurely sometimes. But there are really new things going on and if you follow me on Instagram, you got a tiny peek of one of those exciting things. I know, I'm being really cryptic and it's been hard not to reveal the full story but it'll happen in the next week. :)

I'm also working on my last stamp design for the upcoming Life.Love.Paper shop. Not only will there be new stamps but a sort of holiday collection. No, not a kit...just something to enhance whatever project you're planning on doing for the holidays. There will be several screen printed items as well as an exclusive stamp. These are things that inspire me most around the holidays. Snowy trees, twinkle lights. This will also happen in the upcoming week. If you're a newsletter subscriber, you'll be the first to know.

Other exciting news is Liz's big move over to The Lily Pad. She debuted her first collection there last week called Is It Friday Yet? Loved all the digital elements in this kit.


Well, I think I need to put a fresh pot of coffee on. I'm going to need it. Happy Sunday! XOT


Did you snag the add ons you wanted? I heard through the grapevine that #4 sold out in a blink of an eye. I didn't get a chance to complete my mini...sometimes I think being overwhelmed with inspiration sort of kills it for me. But my creativity revamps after the reveal. I love seeing what the other ladies did with their kits. We also had a special assignment of pulling an idea from the Studio Calico Pinterest board which was really fun. Another form of pin to action. :) Here are my layouts:

Love the scripty font of the AC thickers in the Greenhouse add on. My "main kit" only layout. It was a refreshing change to use only the main. This Sass/SC exclusive paper is so pretty. And the arrow stamp is by far my favorite. Of course I say that now. :)I adore this photo of Tyler and I'm glad I finally scrapped it.

Another paper love.

And then there was my Pinterest inspo project. Did you catch that when checking out the dt gallery? Here is my original Pinterest inspiration pin from the SC inspo board.

I wanted to do something other than a layout + I needed some artwork for my work/play room. Here's my interpretation:

And then there was a digi. Here's my layout for Photobooth.

Bedtime for this tired mama. xot.

girl looooooooves friday.

This has already been the best weekend so far.I took a personal day off just because. The clouds finally cleared and the weather is amazing. The boy and I set out early to visit my coworkers and see where mommy spends part of her day. Then headed downtown to purchase some Toms for Tyler's fat little baby feet. Mommy also found the maxi dress she's been wanting. Met up with Tyler's cousin and Auntie for the most delicious chicken saugage hot dog. The sun felt so good while we sat outside and enjoyed our lunch. New opportunities and a huge life change is in the horizon. More on that later. No, I'm not pregnant again...let's not go there. ;) I'm excited about celebrating my first Mother's Day with my son and husband. It's funny...I'm more excited about this than my past birthday. AND tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day! Could not ask for a better weekend and it's only just begun.

Paislee Press is having an awesome sale and a new release that I'm loving at the moment.

Studio Calico is hosting a plethora of challenges and give aways. I'd love for you to play along with my paint challenge!

Cheers to a wonderful weekend! xot.


listening: Kesha mix on Pandora. I'm really feeling pop music lately which is really out of the norm for me. eating: Emerald cocoa roasted almonds. Love these little gems. drinking: water. wearing: nothing special. jeans, black top, black flats. feeling: neutral. weather: dark and gloomy but the rain is needed. needing: shoes.  feeling these. enjoying: the photo Jeff just sent me of the little dude. wondering: what a G6 is. I feel old.

NSD is in full effect at Studio Calico. Join us this weekend for challenges, chats and tons of special give aways. Above is a little preview of my challenge. FYI, get out your paints. :)

The Dares should be up shortly with a cool prompt for your creating pleasure. Here's mine:

Happy Wednesday! xot

PS...can you all do me a favor when you post a comment? I noticed a lot of you don't include your own blog and I like to visit after reading your lovely comment. Thank you!


listening: watching: Pregnant in Heels. Getting a little teary-eyed when she talks about her miscarriage. And it really really really makes me want to have another baby asap. eating: a bowl of cereal. Special K w/strawberries. drinking: water wearing: black jersey skirt, gray tee and my Ugg slippers feeling: that I'm home with my loves and I've made great progress on my eating habits. weather: overcast needing: an attitude adjustment. I was in a bad mood today. Right from the get go. There's been so much swirling around in my mind. Funny thing is I thought having a baby would make everything life easier. LOL. Man, was I wrong. It's not that I thought raising a child would be easy. I just thought that my life in general would be easier. That all the negative crap would just roll off my back because I finally got the baby I wanted for so long. Anything after battling infertility would be a piece of pie. Nope. The battle goes on. I am proud though, for pulling myself together for Tyler. Pre-babe, I would probably be taking 3 hour naps and stuffing my face with chocolate, ice cream and candy. I don't ever want him to feel the stress I feel while he's a young. He'll have plenty of time to deal with that as an adult. thinking: see above. enjoying: a little quiet time. Jeff's at work, Tyler's down for his last nap of the day and the dog is next to me having puppy dreams. wondering: if we'll need to find a daycare for Tyler. Jeff may have to go back to working the day shift. We're dreading it.

I missed the Sorrioso release last week due to working on my new blog. Here's a layout I created with this lovely digital kit from Paislee Press.

Love this kit. It's available at Oscraps now.