listening: Bon Iver
eating: nothing
drinking: hot chocolate
wearing: new fall boots, black leggings, plaid shirt
feeling: restless, worried.
weather: thick fog
wanting: nothing
needing: nothing
thinking: about my glucose test I have to take this week.
enjoying: being busy at work, makes the day fly by.
wondering:will I have to give up carbs?

I can't stop thinking about the possibility of having gestational diabetes.
I'm told this is fairly common during pregnancy but is it really?
I'm already on a low sodium diet and now I have to worry about sugar and carbs?
And then I make the mistake of googling the symptoms and read about the side effects it may have on my boy.
But I may be worrying prematurely as I haven't taken the glucose test yet.
My baby is a big one. 3 lbs already, long legs and arms like his daddy. :)

The OctoberStudio Calico kit has become a fave of mine and by the looks of the other sneaks, a fave amongst the dt. Here are few sneaks.....

Clstinastept1 The stamps in the kitand add ons is enough to make my knees buckle. No joke. 
Vee and I are hosting theSC blog this week. Vee's got a little "Neutrals" challenge posted. You could win yourself a $5 SC gift card if you get your Neutrals layout posted to the SC gallery by Saturday! 
Here's my take: 
111509818 Head over to theSC blog for my quick tip and product review of the new Mister Huey.